Types Of Car Fluid Leaks

Something leaking out of your vehicle might signify a severe issue that requires immediate treatment.

If the fluid is coming from your automobile, you’ll need to figure out what color it is. You can do this by putting a piece of white cardboard or plywood below your vehicle and letting the drips land on it. This will reveal the color and give you an excellent idea of where the fluid is seeping from.

Fluid leaking

The six most likely fluids that leak from an automobile are:


A car’s air conditioner extracts moisture from the air and exits through a rubber hose, which drains the water onto the ground beneath the automobile. This hose is usually in the front right corner of the cabin where the passenger rests their feet.

Engine oil

Engine oil can range in color from light amber to dark brown. In addition, oil leaks can occur from various places, including a crankshaft seal under the timing cover or a visible gasket.


Because of all the coolant pipes surrounding your engine, a coolant leak might occur practically anywhere and have a sweet, candy-like aroma. There may be a leak if you can’t see any coolant while peeking down into the radiator.

Transmission Fluid

The axle seals are the most typical location for a transmission fluid leak on a front-wheel-drive automobile. The output shaft seal is the most common location in a rear-wheel-drive car. Pull the transmission dipstick and check your transmission fluid level if you find red or pink fluid under your vehicle.

Differential Fluid Oil or Gear Leaks

Whatever you name it, differential fluid, gear oil, or gear fluid, it’s thick and looks like honey. If it’s new and clean, gear oil is dark brown or dark amber.

Power Steering Fluid Leaks

The power steering fluid may have a unique odor, similar to burnt frying oil. Each end of the steering rack is the most typical site where power steering leaks.

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