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Cooling Service & Repair in Summerlin

Your vehicle’s cooling system is a vital piece, as it’s responsible for keeping your engine and transmission at a healthy operating temperature. With a faulty cooling system, your vehicle will experience severe overheating that can lead to catastrophic engine damage or complete transmission failure.

Cooling fan on radiator

Your vehicle uses coolant fluid to draw heat away from components and circle it through the radiator, where the coolant is returned to its regular temperature and looped back through once again. When there’s any problem with the coolant or radiator, such as contamination or a leak, your vehicle will be unable to keep itself at a proper temperature.

Of course, there are various potential causes of overheating, and you should have your vehicle inspected at the first sign of cooling issues as leaving them to linger will only cost you more and cause more damage.

The ASE-certified technicians at Red Rock Repair have the expertise and equipment to properly service your cooling system, so you can be confident that your vehicle is running at a healthy temperature! We proudly serve Summerlin, Las Vegas, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Blue Diamond, and all surrounding areas. Call or schedule online today!

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