Brake Service & Repair

Brake Service & Repair in Summerlin

Brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Through the use of friction, your braking system is responsible for stopping the vehicle and its momentum in a timely and controllable manner. Creating this friction also leads to the production of a lot of heat and wear and tear on these components.

While brake components last a surprising amount of time, they will need to be replaced periodically to keep them performing at an optimal level.

Brake rotor and caliper

Your vehicle’s brake pads are pushed against the rotor by hydraulic pressure in order to create adequate friction to stop the vehicle. These pads and rotors lose material over time and eventually become unusable.

ABS systems have become one of the most important systems in your vehicle, helping your brakes keep your vehicle under control during heavy braking or emergency maneuvers. Keeping your ABS system working correctly is vital to the safety of you and your passengers.

When it’s time for brake maintenance, or yours is in need of repair, trust the expert technicians at Red Rock Repair to properly service yours! We use factory-quality components and proper removal and installation techniques, so you can be sure your brakes are keeping you safe on the road. We proudly serve Summerlin, Las Vegas, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Blue Diamond, and all surrounding areas, so come join us today!

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We know just how impotant it is to have a repair shop you can trust. Red Rock Repair offers a level of service you wont find anywhere else in Las Vegas!

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