Stop Believing These Engine Oil Myths

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, motor oil is the most important item of all. Engine oil is necessary for the engine to run smoothly as it provides proper lubrication for parts and keeps the engine temperatures at bay. More importantly, there are way too many misconceptions that have invaded public knowledge regarding this vital service. We’re here to discredit the top 4 engine oil myths:

Pouring oil

Myth #1: Dark Oil Always Needs to Be Replaced

The oil color is not the only way to tell if your engine oil is going bad. Certain oils can turn dark as soon as the additives start kicking in, so it’s not always a trusted source. While oil darkness can signify that you need an oil change, you should look at other things like oil levels and texture. 

Myth #2: Always Get An Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

While you may associate the term “every 3,000 miles” with oil changes, it’s not an exact number for everybody. Some vehicles that take semi or full synthetic oil can go as long as 8,000 to 10,000 miles between needing another service. To be sure, you should always follow your manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Myth #3: Synthetic Oil Can Cause Leaks

Synthetic oil was created several decades ago, and leaks were common back when they first entered the market. Since they were new, they had some flaws, such as wearing away seals and gaskets. However, the newer formulas have significantly improved with additional testing and technology. If used properly, they should not cause leaks. In fact, they are even more protective of your engine than conventional oil.

Myth #4: Pick the Oil With the Most Additives for Extra Benefits

Additives can indeed benefit your engine, but oil can’t add extra horsepower to your engine. Additives also can’t improve your gas mileage, or at least not noticeably. 

We hope we have increased your understanding of engine oil. If you are looking for reliable oil changes, look no further than Red Rock Repair. 

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