What Causes Low Brake Fluid?

Whether your car has traditional or hydraulic brakes, keeping proper levels of brake fluid is an important form of maintenance that will keep you safe on the road. Proper levels of brake fluid are essential to braking efficiently, and without this efficiency you may not be able to stop your car in time.

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Causes Of Low Brake Fluid

There are several reasons that your car might signal low brake fluid. When you notice a brake fluid issue, it is worth checking to see if your car is suffering any of these problems.

Worn Brake Pads

If your car’s brake pads are worn out, your low brake fluid light may light up. This is because they aren’t able to receive adequate fluid, and the pressure of the fluid will lower until it eventually causes the low brake fluid signal to light up.


If there’s a leak from your car’s internal components, you will need to address it by finding the leak and correcting it. You can identify a leak by checking for puddles under your car.

Damaged Brake Line

If your brake line has worn out, it can result in low brake fluid. As the rust and wear causes more and more damage, a leak can occur and cause a significant loss of brake fluid.

Signs Of Low Brake Fluid

There are many unusual signs that you can look for to correct low brake fluid as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

Spongy Brake Pedal

If your car’s braking feels mushy, this can be a result of moisture buildup inside the braking system. As the moisture heats up and boils, it can make it significantly more difficult to brake.

Warning Light

When your warning light comes on, this is the clearest sign that there’s something wrong with your braking fluid. False alerts are very rare, so you should immediately investigate the issue if you notice this light turned on.

Dirty Brake Fluid

Maintenance is important for every car, and one routine to keep up with is changing your brake fluid. Clean brake fluid is much more efficient for braking than dirty fluid.

Replacing Brakes

If your brake fluid has been having issues, you may need to get your brakes replaced as well. This will ensure that your car’s braking system has no contamination once it’s repaired.

If you’re noticing that it’s getting more difficult to break, or if your warning light has turned on, it might be time to get help from the experts. If you believe you have low brake fluid, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Red Rock Repair today!

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