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What is a Transmission Rebuild?

Your vehicle's transmission system is an integral part of its daily operation. Generally, it converts the engine's combustion power into kinetic energy, the momentum driving the wheels. A transmission rebuild involves a significant mechanical overhaul done to a car's transmission. Generally, your mechanical technician will assess, remove and replace the worn-out parts of the transmission rather than replacing the entire system.

Transmission Rebuild Process

A transmission diagnosis is essential in determining the exact problem and helping decide whether or not to proceed with the rebuild. The process includes the following:

  • Removing the transmission system from the car and then dismantling it
  • Cleaning the system chemically by passing it through a parts washer
  • Replacing any broken and wonky parts, plus all gaskets and seals with new ones
  • Performing electrical repairs if necessary
  • Updating your vehicle's transmission system parts if necessary
  • Rebuilding and reinstalling the system in the car.

Pros of Transmission Rebuild 

It is cheaper than buying a new car

Purchasing a car requires a significantly large outlay of cash and other payments that might be included in your monthly budget. Sure, a transmission rebuild is quite expensive. However, it is much cheaper than most other options.

A Transmission Rebuild can Add more Years to Your Vehicle's Lifespan

If your vehicle's transmission fails, you might be tempted to buy a used one to cut costs. Unfortunately, a used transmission might not come with a reliable warranty and might cost you more. However, when the transmission parts are replaced, the entire system becomes as good as new, extending the life of your vehicle.

Takes Less Time Than Buying a New Transmission

Buying a new transmission involves purchasing and waiting for it to be delivered. You will also have to wait until it is inspected, tested, and installed. However, rebuilding your transmission only takes a few days, after which your car will be up and running.

Come Get Your Transmission Rebuilt at Red Rock Repair!

You can preserve your vehicle's transmission system by regularly checking the transmission fluid, using the correct transmission fluid, and adopting good habits. But even the most careful drivers working to maintain their vehicles in their best state, the ravages of time will still catch up with your car. If you need transmission repair or rebuld, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our state-of-the-art auto repair shop today!


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