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Is It Time for A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is also referred to as a tire alignment. Before you purchase your vehicle, the manufacturers ensure the wheels are angled optimally. Most roads have imperfections, and as you drive, they naturally affect your wheel alignment. Potholes and speed bumps can shift preset angles and throw the alignment off. An alignment service re-optimizes the angles of your wheels so that they complement each other and the road. Misaligned wheels don’t just affect the way your vehicle drives; it also can increase tire wear, decrease gas mileage, and damage the suspension. Below are a few ways to determine whether it’s time for a wheel alignment. 

Your car is pulling to one side.
An easy way to identify an alignment issue is your car pulling to one particular. If you’re driving on a smooth flat road, your vehicle shouldn’t veer off to the right or left if you remove your hands. Slight pulling is normal, but extreme pulling indicates an alignment problem.

The steering wheel is misaligned and off-center.
The logo emblem on your vehicle should stay centered and aligned. The steering wheel was designed for the logo to remain completely center. A crooked steering wheel doesn’t just mean there’s an alignment problem; the steering components may be worn too. 

There’s abnormal tire wear.
As you drive, tire wear should be evenly spread across the tire. If the tires are wearing down the middle, they may be inflated. If they’re worn more down the sides, they may be underinflated. Abnormal tire wear can indicate various issues, including misalignments, such as unequal weight distribution and suspension damage. 

The steering wheel is shaking.
A steering wheel that vibrates when you accelerate is a major indication of an alignment issue. Modern vehicles are designed to run smoothly; excessive shaking and vibration are not normal. Vibrating should be inspected right away to prevent long term damage and costly repairs. 

Wheel alignment service in Las Vegas, NV

The experts at Red Rock Repair are ASE Certified technicians who specialized in all vehicle makes and models. The alignment service first starts with a detailed visual inspection of the suspension and steering system. Our alignments are precise and ensure your wheels are angled in their most effective state. If you notice any of the above signs, click here to schedule an appointment

We are currently offering a wheel alignment specialize for two wheels and four-wheel alignments. To save on alignment services this winter, reach out to the Red Rock Repair team. 


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