My Brake Pedal Sits Lower Than Usual – What’s Wrong?

Your vehicle’s brake system is extremely vital to the overall safety of your car. After driving your vehicle for a while, you get used to how your car works and will notice when something strange occurs. If you notice that your brake pedal is sitting lower than it used to, or even appears to be “spongy” when you press it, this is definitely a cause for concern. 

Your brake system actually works on hydraulic pressure, which is activated when you press on the brakes. Brake fluid is responsible for transferring this pressure from the brake lines to the brake pads/rotors to slow and stop your car when you need to. The master cylinder is what creates the pressure that initiates the brake pads to press down on the rotors after you press down on the brake pedals. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why your brake pedal may be sitting lower than it usually does. 

  • There is air in the hydraulic system, which prevents the proper pressure from being created. If this is the case, you will need a brake fluid flush. 
  • Bad brake lines can also cause this, because it can lead to leaks and air getting into the fluid, lessening the hydraulic pressure. 
  • Master cylinder leak, decreasing pressure quickly.
  • Your rear drum brakes may need to be adjusted if the gap between the brake drum and shoes has increased.
  • A clogged proportioning valve can affect its ability to properly regulate pressure, causing the pedal to sink. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, more than likely you will need a brake system fluid flush. As soon as you notice something off with your brakes, bring your vehicle to the experts here at Red Rock Repair for friendly service!

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