Motion Sickness Remedies for Your Next Roadtrip

Repetitive motion from a moving vehicle can bring on motion sickness for some people. The good news is that symptoms of motion sickness can disappear when the vehicle stops moving. But some people will still suffer signs, even a few days after the trip. Most people who have had motion sickness will ask their doctor how to prevent it next time.

Lady looking sickly out car window

The following remedies may help your motion sickness while traveling:

Look Straight Ahead

Try sitting in the front and looking out the window while in a moving vehicle and gazing towards the horizon. It can help to adjust the feeling of balance while easing motion sickness.

Keep Your Eyes Closed

Taking a nap or closing your eyes to the unsettling feeling may be helpful and can work to ease the confusion between the eyes and the inner ear.


It is possible to relieve frequent and mild car sickness with chewing. The success of chewing gum in reducing car sickness is remarkable. However, snacking on sweets or chewing food can also help reduce the effects of the conflict between vision and balance.

Fresh Air

Fresh air can help relieve motion sickness and stave off on-coming nausea. Try opening a window in your vehicle and letting the air flow circulate. Stopping often and hopping out of the car to stretch may also make a big difference.


Ginger in tablet form or even chewing a stem can help relieve symptoms of motion sickness.

Wrist bands

You can purchase special wristbands that apply pressure to the inner arm and help control nausea. These are a lifesaver for some.

Use Medication

Over-the-counter medicines such as Dramamine and Bonine can help, especially if nothing else works. They can reduce symptoms of car sickness, but they may make you sleepy.

Try not to let car sickness stop you from taking your next trip. Try a few of the ways to help keep the nauseous, dizzy feelings at bay. Keep safe on your travels, and if you need your vehicle serviced, we invite you to bring your vehicle in to Red Rock Repair today!

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