How Often Do Diesels Need Oil Changes?

There are numerous differences between diesel-powered and gasoline-powered cars. One of them is how they use oil and how often the oil requires changing. Therefore, if you own a diesel vehicle and a gasoline one, you should change their oil at different rates. Read on to find out how often diesel cars need oil changes.

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Frequency of Oil Changes

According to conventional knowledge, you should change the oil on a gas-powered car every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. However, that is not the case with diesel vehicles.

Diesels typically travel longer distances, so they can go further without requiring an oil change.

The frequency of the oil change will still depend on factors like the climate & terrain of where you drive the car and what you do with the vehicle, for example, hauling cargo.

The type of oil you choose will also make a difference. The three main oil types for diesel vehicles are conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic.

If you use your diesel vehicle for personal use without hauling large loads and rarely speed, you will need to change your oil more often than a diesel car that often transports goods on highways.

The reason is that the oil accumulates more impurities at lower speeds & temperatures.

Therefore, you should consider your driving habits before determining how often you should change your diesel car’s oil.

Your vehicle manufacturer may offer recommendations for how often you should change the oil in the diesel car. It would be wise to follow them but get a second opinion from a seasoned professional mechanic.

Generally speaking, you should change a diesel car’s oil at least once a year.

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