How Do Brake Rotors Become Warped?

Brake rotors are a vital piece of your braking system because they play the role of stopping your wheels from spinning when the brake pads press on them. Brake rotors are intended to resist high temperatures during the process of braking. However, the rotors need to diffuse the heat quickly so that you can press down on the brake pads again just in case you need to. Because of this intense heat, the covering of the brake rotors can get distorted over time. You’ll know they’re warped whenever you experience a jitteriness whenever you apply your brakes.

Warped rotor

Brake rotor warping isn’t as bad as it insinuates. Warping simply means that your rotors are uneven. Brake rotors can get distorted for several reasons: 

  • The brake rotors can experience glazing from substances on the brake pads. The glazing can happen when the brake pads get exposed to excessive heat, which causes the material on the brake pad to wear off. Consequently, the brake rotor surface will become bumpy and decrease the overall performance of your brakes. 
  • The surface of the brake rotor can also wear down, making other areas of the rotor higher. If you constantly implement force on your brakes, the heat may cause the metal to become brittle and thin. 

A great way to prevent brake rotors from becoming warped is by being more aware of your braking habits. When you constantly apply your brakes or hold them down longer than you have to, you create additional heat. The excess temperature can result in distorting your brake rotors. If you’re uncertain of whether or not you are dealing with warped brake rotors, here are some common signs to look out for: 

  • Excessive squeaking or squealing when braking
  • The unusual smell of burning rubber
  • The braking process is shaky and inconsistent
  • Your vehicle vibrates and wavers when coming to a stop

If you’re experiencing any of the warnings signs above, please bring your vehicle to Red Rock Repair for a proper brake inspection. Our expert team can determine if your rotors need resurfacing or if your brake pads need replacement. Feel free to give us a call or visit today!

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