Fall Maintenance Tips to Last You Through Winter

Extending the life of your car doesn’t have to be difficult when you practice regular vehicle maintenance. Cars are expensive, but if they are well taken care of are well worth the financial investment. A little car care also saves you money by limiting the number of unnecessary repairs due to time and neglect. October is Car Care Month, making fall the perfect opportunity to show your vehicle some extra love. Below are five essential vehicle items to check to give your vehicle an extra boost in performance this fall.


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Stay Current with Your Vehicle Fluid Maintenance
Your vehicle’s owner manual has detailed fluid recommendations from the manufacturer on the best practices to follow to ensure your vehicle lasts a lifetime. Some essential vehicle fluids to have inspected are the brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant. Don’t just check that these fluids are full, but also that they’re clean and sludge-free. Regularly inspecting the fluids also allows you to stay aware of any irregularities and potential leaks. 

Check the Filters
Check your vehicle’s cabin, engine, and fuel filter. And make sure the oil filter is inspected during your next oil change. All of the filters help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in essential parts of your vehicle. The engine filter keeps pollutants from entering the engine and causing damage. While the cabin filter prevents outside debris from entering inside the cabin into the air you breathe. While the fuel filter, true to its name, filters out contaminants and keeps them from entering the fuel. Check all of these filters and change the ones that look cakey or excessively dirty. 

Check the Battery
Your vehicle’s battery can last several years, but summer heat can cause significant damage. Even if the battery hasn’t been fried from the sun, leaving your car sitting for days or weeks on end won’t allow the battery to stay adequately charged. Your vehicle needs to run to remain charged. Whether it’s old age, summer sun, or simply lack of use – check your battery to stay aware of how much life it has left. 

Check the Tires
Tire tread can tell you a lot about the life of your tires. Tire tread should wear evenly. Uneven tire tread is a huge sign that there may be an issue with tire balance or alignment. Tire pressure is another valuable aspect to check and is usually pretty straightforward. Most gas stations have tire gauges that allow you to check the tire pressure and fill them up with extra air if needed. 

Wash Your Vehicle
A spin through the carwash may seem insignificant and worth skipping. However, a carwash doesn’t just keep your vehicle clean; it also removes damaging debris that can ruin the paint. Don’t just wash your car without waxing it. Wax is also a great way to add the finishing protective touches to a clean vehicle. The ingredients in wax protect the sensitive paint surface by preventing dirt from eating away at it. 

Fall Vehicle Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

These tips are effective ways to prolong the life of your vehicle. Car maintenance is the type of care that saves you money and protects your investment. For the best vehicle performance, stay proactive. Red Rock Repair offers premier vehicle maintenance in Las Vegas. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 702-718-4808 to learn more. 

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