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Should You Read Your Car's Owners' Manual?

As vehicle owners, we need to treat our car as a prized possession (because it is). They are utility vehicles that we need to go to work, go to school, visit our loved ones, etc. We can pick our car, but we can't always pick and choose the roads we travel on. As a result, we are susceptible to damaging and abusing our suspension, wheels, transmission, or engine if we aren't careful. 


The truth is we rarely have time to research a car through and through before purchasing it. And the most commonly skipped step after you make the purchase is skimming the manual for more information. Most people wait until they're in deep trouble before frantically digging into their glove box for it. So to answer the big question - Yes, you should read your manual! The annual might be thick and intimidating, but it's well worth the read. We're here to tell you why! 


The first reason you should pick it up is that there are many hidden features that you may not have known about until you read the manual. Some examples include Honda's Magic Seats, BMW's Brake Drying, or Hyundai's Hands-Free Smart Trunk. Millions of drivers miss out on the plenty of innovative features of their car because they can't take the time to skim the manual! Grab your manual to discover new things and get your money's worth.


Second, you should read your owner's manual to know the specific parts of your vehicle. Let's say you wanted to see where the oil dipstick is; you can check your manual for the exact location of it!


You can also refer to the book for more information on what kind of fuel grade, engine oil, brake fluid, etc. your vehicle takes. There are so many different variations of fluids out there; you need to know which is best suited for you to maximize your vehicle performance.


An essential reason for reading the manual is to understand the manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures and schedule. Your car has hundreds to thousands of parts that need maintenance and service to avoid a breakdown. Knowing when to take your vehicle in for service can help you keep your car lasting longer. 


It's an integral part of vehicle ownership to follow your manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. For high-quality 30/60/90K inspections, please visit Red Rock Repair. We will help keep your automobile in pristine condition, so you can be on the road for years and years to come!

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