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Monthly Archives: June 2021

How to Protect Your Car from the Las Vegas Heat

How to Protect Your Car from the Las Vegas Heat

If you've ever been to Las Vegas in the summer, you know that temperatures soar well above 100 degrees fahrenheit every day! The extreme dry heat can do some severe damage to your car if you do not keep an eye out for your vehicle. According to the American Automobile Association, they receive over 78,000+ phone calls every summer for flat tires, dead batteries, and overheating engines. Proper auto maintenance can help you avoid being in those dangerous situations and ensure you get from Point A to Point B safely.   Here is how to protect your car components from the Las Vegas heat.   Tires Flat tires are more likely to happen in the summer months. On the other hand, hot weather can also cause your tires to expand. Therefore, you should regularly check your tire pressure, tread, and wear to ensure you are riding around safely.   Battery Failing batteries are also more common in the summer. The intensive heat can damage or wea ... read more

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