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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Here’s Why You Should Stop Eating in Your Car!

Here’s Why You Should Stop Eating in Your Car!

As Americans, we thrive on fast food. Many drivers today have access to all kinds of food thanks to the drive-thru window. Though there's no shame in enjoying your In-N-Out burger, you should avoid doing so while behind the wheel. Eating while driving poses major hazards to you and others on the roads. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Administration conducted research that found eating to be a more significant distraction while driving than cell phone use. Here are our reasons why you should avoid eating in the car:   1. Eating Requires You To Take Your Hands Off the Wheel Fast food items come in paper bags that you must unravel. There are sauce packets that must be torn and squeezed and often drip onto the most inconvenient surfaces. Not to mention, sometimes you need silverware or napkins. There's simply no safe way to eat any food while driving as eating requires both hands. Fun Fact: Coffee, doughnuts, and hamburgers are the three most dangerous foods to eat w ... read more

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