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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Is It Time for A Wheel Alignment?

Is It Time for A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is also referred to as a tire alignment. Before you purchase your vehicle, the manufacturers ensure the wheels are angled optimally. Most roads have imperfections, and as you drive, they naturally affect your wheel alignment. Potholes and speed bumps can shift preset angles and throw the alignment off. An alignment service re-optimizes the angles of your wheels so that they complement each other and the road. Misaligned wheels don’t just affect the way your vehicle drives; it also can increase tire wear, decrease gas mileage, and damage the suspension. Below are a few ways to determine whether it’s time for a wheel alignment.  Your car is pulling to one side. An easy way to identify an alignment issue is your car pulling to one particular. If you’re driving on a smooth flat road, your vehicle shouldn’t veer off to the right or left if you remove your hands. Slight pulling is normal, but extreme pulling indicate ... read more


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