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Fantastic, plain and simple! They fixed a leak on a poorly done repair by a Dodge dealer quickly, inexpensively and with quality, after 2 more Dodge dealers didn't seem to care. They then took photos, digitally highlighted and described the highlighted details so I was able to send to the Dodge manager for full refund. I was referred to them by a trusted friend as being honest, above and beyond that they certainly were. Big thanks to Sean, Danielle and Tim.


Best place to get something installed on a truck. They were able to get me in within 24 hours and did an amazing job on my raptor. I highly recommend using them to do anything truck related!


New owners Sean & Danielle, along with Ace Mechanic Colt, have raised the bar on auto care at Red Rock Repair. I brought in my 1967 Chevelle SS396 after hearing angry noises coming from my transmission & rear differential. With in a very reasonable time frame, my tranny and rear differential were rebuilt and I was back on the road. Colt personally rebuilt the rear end and made sure it had all the bugs outta it before getting the car back to me. Its great having a shop up in Summerlin that's staff by mechanics who know what they're doing and managed by owners who are on site and available to answer any concerns you may have. Thanks guys for taking care of my baby.


I've had my Chevy Avalanche for over 10 years and I love my truck. About a week before I brought it in to this shop, I was getting error codes on my DIC that said, "service traction control, service 4wd" as well as the ever-delightful check engine light was constantly blinking. Obviously, I went to straight to the worst-case scenario: I've owned this truck for so long without serious problems that this is where shit falls apart. I thought about possibly trading her in for a new Silverado, but honestly, I don't want a different vehicle. I love my current one and she's paid off. I never consider taking it back to the dealership to be fixed, because I'm not a millionaire (yet). The anxiety I get when I think about driving my vehicle to the shop is off the charts. I'm a girl. And I've definitely had my fair share of people trying to pull the wool over my eyes and sell me a bunch of shit I don't need. ugh. I found this place on yelp. I made an appointment. I drove my truck in. They read the codes and told me what I needed. I agreed. They fixed it and I drove home a WAYYYY better truck than I dropped off. What I really appreciated was that they didn't treat me like I was dumb. I may be a girl, but I grew up on a farm with brothers and I know when I'm being talked down to. The honesty in this shop is refreshing and the work impeccable. 8 stars from me!


The service here is fantastic. We came from out of town and has an issue which was previously looked at by another mechanic. Unfortunetly the other mechanic didn't notice that an entire piece of the truck was missing and another part was broken. They were super friendly and got the work done as soon as possible so we could get home. They went above and beyond just putting in the part. Super friendly, great customer service, I definitely recommend them.


I came here because I was having problems with my 94 Camry starting. John ran the diagnostic, but everything came out normal. After I explained what I was experiencing, John told me a list of things that "could" be the issue. He then said he felt uncomfortable just "guessing" at what part to fix, especially since he could not replicate the issue. I appreciated this because I was expecting to hear a million things wrong that I HAD to fix (esp since the car is so old). Being used to having my dad fix my cars, I gave him a call and we decided to wait to fix anything. John did the fuel pressure test free of charge, and they even filled my fluids. The employees were friendly and personable, and even showed me a few things about my car. In my opinion, the customer service was great. I will definitely be recommending this place, and if need be, I will definitely be returning.

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