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Finding a mechanic that can be trusted to do quality work at a fair price is a challenge. Bernie and his staff at SUV & Trucks R Us are that rare find. They are honest, up-front, and extremely competent. The years of experience are evident just talking with them - if it has happened to a vehicle, they've probably seen it and definitely know what to do about it! The services I have had performed on my truck were very well worth the cost. There were additional things done (extra cleaning of engine parts, for example) that took an appreciable amount of time, but were included without raising the estimated cost. Why? Bernie says, "It's customer service. We want you to come back." They are my shop of choice, and if you want quality service, they should be yours, too.


trustworthy, honest, professional are just few of the words to describe the shop!! I feel relieved to have finally found a shop with the knowledge and skills to take care of my truck..I strongly recommend the shop as all of us know how much it means to get your car or truck taken care of without the hassle of being taken for a ride! They have become my shop for all my car needs. this shop is now like family to me.


I came here because I was having problems with my 94 Camry starting. John ran the diagnostic, but everything came out normal. After I explained what I was experiencing, John told me a list of things that "could" be the issue. He then said he felt uncomfortable just "guessing" at what part to fix, especially since he could not replicate the issue. I appreciated this because I was expecting to hear a million things wrong that I HAD to fix (esp since the car is so old). Being used to having my dad fix my cars, I gave him a call and we decided to wait to fix anything. John did the fuel pressure test free of charge, and they even filled my fluids. The employees were friendly and personable, and even showed me a few things about my car. In my opinion, the customer service was great. I will definitely be recommending this place, and if need be, I will definitely be returning.


Solid honest work, direct, no frills. Can't believe the last review online (10/26/2010), maybe they didn't understand "recommended" versus "needed" work. These guys fixed exactly what I asked and made another suggestion I wasn't ready for, but didn't sell up or try to force me to do anything. I will return for the suggested work. They replaced my fan motor and did it in two days as promissed, and I can understand why so many other customers write notes and letters about their good service...They are worth the visit...

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