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Suspension & Steering Service and Repair in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas with reliable suspension and steering repair. 

Suspension/Steering Repair in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Here at Red Rock Repair, we are here to assist when you suspect you need a vehicle suspension repair in Las Vegas, NV. Your vehicle's only contact with the road is the tires, and how the car handles and adapts to the road requires that the suspension and steering be up to the task. Poor performing suspension or steering can make the vehicle hazardous to drive and endanger you and others on the road. 

Routine inspections that generally require lifting the car and looking under the chassis are necessary to assess the components for wear and tear. Some problems can be revealed by noise or vibration while others will make the vehicle pull or drift in the lane while driving. Troubleshooting these systems takes an experienced technician who understands that vehicle's particular system and can isolate the concern, which is why you can trust our suspension specialists in Las Vegas. 

Struts and Shocks Repair in Las Vegas

These items keep your tires planted to the pavement while driving over less than perfect surfaces. They control the impact and the rebound after a bump or dip in the road. They are usually filled with a fluid such as oil that can leak over time making it perform poorly. Signs of bad shocks/struts are leaks or tires that wear funny or unevenly (cupping is a common term to describe uneven wear on a tire with bad struts or shocks). A large percentage of vehicles will require a wheel alignment after replacing the struts/shocks to ensure everything is within factory specifications.

Air Ride System Repair in Las Vegas

A lot of SUV’s and luxury vehicles use an air ride system for suspension. The system consists of an air compressor, lines, controller, and air springs. The system is designed to maintain a constant height regardless of the weight or load of the vehicle. Leaks can happen within the system that will cause the vehicle to droop and the compressor to run more than it should. Sometimes the on board diagnostic system will alert the driver to a problem and sometimes it is discovered by the sound of leaking air. Bring your vehicle into our shop when you need air suspension repair in Las Vegas. 

Rack and Pinion Repair in Las Vegas

This component converts the turning movement of the steering wheel into the linear movement needed to push or pull the wheel either left or right. Most are equipped with power assist making turning the vehicle easier and requiring less effort. The rack and pinion can develop leaks, most commonly discovered by finding power steering fluid under the vehicle.

Power Steering Pump Repair in Las Vegas

Usually the pump is a belt driven accessory that is mounted on the engine to provide assistance in turning the steering wheel. The fluid is pumped under extremely high pressure through hoses to the steering unit and returns to the pump reservoir after passing through a cooler. Systems can develop leaks that cause a low fluid condition causing premature pump failure. If you notice an excessive whine or growl while turning, usually more noticeable at slow speeds, your pump may need a fluid change or replacing.

Bushings, Ball Joints, and Tie Rod Repair in Las Vegas

These are the pivot points of the suspension. Any movement or articulation requires a bushing or greasable joint. When they become worn they can make noise like clunking or squeaks or if worn excessively can allow too much play or slop in the components. Most are not serviceable and require pressing the old unit out and replacing with new. An alignment is generally required when replacing these components to ensure the vehicle is within factory specifications after replacement.

When you need suspension repair in Las Vegas NV, give Red Rock Repair a call or stop by our shop today for friendly and reliable service. 

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