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Car, Truck & SUV Transmission Service in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas with transmission service and repair. 

Car, Truck & SUV Transmission Service in Summerlin, Las Vegas

While often overlooked, the transmission is the second most vital part of your vehicle. The transmission, whether automatic or manual, converts the power of the engine into rotational energy that's used to propel your vehicle down the road. Common, yet expensive problems can result from lack of maintenance. When you need transmission specialists in Las Vegas, Red Rock Repair is the trusted choice. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians to handle your transmission repairs up to factory standards and ensure that your transmission is properly serviced when needed. 

Routine Transmission Maintenance in Las Vegas

Regular transmission maintenance and service is the single best way to protect the overall performance and integrity of the transmission and ensure that you won’t have to deal with major transmission repairs. We recommend a transmission fluid change in Las Vegas according to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations which will exchange the transmission fluid and flush out the system. 

Transmission Cooler Repair in Las Vegas

Not all vehicles have a transmission cooler. Much like a radiator, a transmission cooler pulls damaging heat out of the transmission to keep it at a safe operating temperature. Coolers can become plugged or develop leaks over time, requiring flushing or replacement.

Clutch Replacement in Las Vegas

If you notice your clutch slipping (the engine speed increases but the vehicle isn’t going any faster), it could be something simple like an adjustment, or it could require replacing the clutch components.

Full Vehicle Inspection in Las Vegas

Any vehicle brought in for service will receive a full inspection, where we check the life of your brakes, belts, hoses, suspension, and all other vital components. We prioritize whatever may need to be addressed, and what can wait.

Transmission Rebuilding/Replacement in Las Vegas

Similar to the engine, there is sometimes more than one option if your transmission has failed. We will assess the state of your transmission, and determine what the best route is for the vehicle. We often can send your transmission out to be rebuilt, or locate either a remanufactured unit or a used one if no other option exists. When you think you need a transmission rebuild in Las Vegas, we can help guide you through it and figure out the best option for you and your budget.

When you need transmission repair in Las Vegas NV, Red Rock Repair is here to help. Call us or make an appointment online today. 

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