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Oil Change & Routine Maintenance in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas. 

General Maintenance and Service

Here at Red Rock Repair, we are your one-stop shop for all of your Las Vegas car maintenance needs. Proper maintenance is the key to a lasting and safe vehicle. In order to ensure that your vehicle remains reliable on the road, we recommend following your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended services and inspections here at our Las Vegas repair shop. 

Routine Maintenance in Las Vegas - 30k, 60k, 90k Services

Routine maintenance is vital to keeping your car on the road, both during and beyond the warranty period. The way to ensure your vehicle’s longevity, is at a minimum, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for major maintenance. You may not be able to control if your car breaks down, but proper maintenance is the best deterrent to unwanted trouble. Major services are typically recommended every 30,000 miles. 

Vehicle manufacturers specify the intervals for replacing most items such as fluids, filters, spark plugs, and checking the others such as chassis and brakes. Changing or inspecting these items helps to keep your vehicle on the road longer and saves you money due to unnecessary break downs or premature part replacement. Our Las Vegas car maintenance shop will help you keep track of your vehicle’s services and remind you of when upcoming items are due. 

Oil and Filter Change in Las Vegas, Including Mobile 1 Synthetic

Even with the huge improvements in oil technology over the past couple decades, you still need to have the oil changed in your vehicle regularly. Most manufacturers’ suggested intervals are too long for our hot, dry, dusty desert climate. Knowing exactly which oil your vehicle requires and providing options are a huge benefit of having a shop perform your oil change. Here at our oil change shop in Las Vegas, we include a full vehicle inspection with every oil change and guide you on the proper intervals for your vehicle and our climate. 

Tire Rotation in Las Vegas

Tire rotations are extremely important to ensure that all of your tires wear down evenly and you don’t find yourself having to purchase new tires prematurely. Our tire rotation shop in Las Vegas recommends that your tires are rotated regularly, preferably every 6,000 miles or so, to maintain even wear and extend the life of your tires.

Full Vehicle Inspection in Las Vegas

Any vehicle brought in for service will receive a full vehicle inspection, where we check the life of your brakes, belts, hoses, suspension, and all other vital components. We prioritize whatever may need to be addressed, and what can wait.

For all of your car maintenance in Las Vegas needs, give us a call here at Red Rock Repair or feel free to schedule your next appointment online today! 

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