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Car, Truck & SUV Electrical Service and Repair in Las Vegas


Car, Truck & SUV Electrical Service in Summerlin, Las Vegas

The electrical system of a vehicle is usually overlooked until a problem arises. Some problems cause the car not to start or run while others are just an inconvenience. As vehicles become more advanced and complicated, they rely more heavily on electronics to make this possible. This puts a heavy strain on a vehicle's electrical system and requires it to be in top condition for the other systems to function properly. Understanding everything from basic circuits to complex computers and knowing how to use the correct diagnostic tools are imperative to troubleshooting electrical issues and problems.

Routine Maintenance Includes:


Connected directly to the battery, this large electric motor spins the engine so the fuel and ignition can take over keeping it running. A worn out starter can leave you stranded with very little you can do. If you notice grinding, clicking or slow response time when you turn the key, this may be signs your starter needs attention.


A fully charged battery is needed to ensure that your car starts and operates correctly. The alternator’s job is to keep the battery at a constant minimum voltage and provide electrical power to the vehicle while it’s running. A faulty alternator will usually light a warning light on the dash and if you notice it you should have your vehicle inspected and a charging system test performed.


Batteries store the electricity required to start the car or provide power when the car is not running. Most vehicles use a 12 volt system but they use a specific battery based on size and power usage requirements for that vehicle. Our hot climate is the worst enemy of a battery, causing the average battery to fail in just 27 months. Regular battery checks can allow you to replace you battery before it is too late and you are left stranded.

Lighting and bulbs

Bulbs, located both in the interior or on the exterior of your vehicle, eventually will need to be replaced. From headlamps to a light in the ashtray, they require being replaced with the correct bulb for that application. Many new cars have systems that will tell you when a bulb burns out and some require an actual inspection to evaluate their condition.

Fuel pumps

Almost every vehicle from the last 25 years uses an electric pump to deliver the fuel from the tank to the engine. When they quit working so does your car. Replacement first requires testing the pump both electrically and mechanically and if found faulty, usually requires dropping the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump.

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