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Car, Truck & SUV Cooling System Service in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas with cooling system repair and service. 

Car, Truck & SUV Cooling Service in Las Vegas

At Red Rock Repair, we are the trusted choice for car cooling system repair and service in Las Vegas, NV. The cooling system is a vital part of your vehicle, because it regulates the temperature of your engine and prevents overheating from occurring. When a cooling system problem arises, your vehicle is at high risk of overheating and damage can happen to your engine quickly. This is why it is so important to bring your vehicle into our cooling system repair shop as soon as you notice any type of overheating problem. 

Overheating Diagnosis in Las Vegas

An overheating condition is when the engine is producing more heat than the cooling system can handle. It is usually indicated by a temperature gauge or light in the dash. It can be caused by a leak or blockage in the cooling system, improper air flow across the radiator or a combination of the two. An overheating vehicle should be addressed immediately and usually not driven to prevent expensive engine damage that can occur. People too often think they can get the vehicle home or to the shop before the temperature becomes too high, not realizing they have created a much larger problem.

Coolant Flush in Las Vegas

A correct mix of coolant and water is required to achieve the best cooling performance needed for your engine. coolant can become contaminated by other fluids or somebody adding the incorrect fluid to the reservoir. coolant also loses effectiveness over time, also causing a decrease in performance. A radiator flush in Las Vegas removes all the old coolant and then the system is filled with fresh coolant and bled of all air.

Pressure Test System for Leaks

When a leak is detected it can be difficult to pinpoint where it originates from. A pressure test will bring the cooling system up to operating pressure and can be monitored. If there is no pressure lost during an adequate time the system is usually leak free. However, if the pressure drops this means a leak and needs to be looked into. The pressure test allows this with the engine not running making pinpointing the leak much easier.

Radiator Repair in Las Vegas 

The radiator expels the heat produced by the engine, and the fans help the process by forcing air through the radiator. Problems with a leak or plugged radiator can cause overheating and usually require radiator repair in Las Vegas, NV. Some auto stores sell “stop-leak” to fix a leaky radiator, these are usually at best a temporary fix and can actually do damage to other parts of the system if too much is used or the procedure isn’t performed correctly. Fans, either mechanical or electric (depending on the vehicle), need to be working correctly to ensure that the radiator can perform to the best of its ability. The fan is usually one of the most commonly overlooked areas when an overheating condition exists.

Thermostat Repair in Las Vegas

The thermostat is the brain of the cooling system. It regulates the flow through the radiator that in turn controls the temperature of the system. It allows your car to warm up to the correct temperature and then maintains that temperature. If a thermostat doesn’t open, it won’t allow coolant to flow through the radiator causing the temperature to increase to an unsafe level. A lot of new vehicles now come with a “fail-safe” thermostat meaning that if it fails it will allow coolant to flow through it regardless. This is good in the sense that it can prevent overheating, but if you notice your car not achieving operating temperature in the colder months it can mean a failure, and you may need a thermostat replacement. 

Water Pump Repair in Las Vegas

The water pump keeps the coolant flowing through the system and is usually forgotten about until they fail. Most water pumps are driven off of a belt, either a timing belt or an accessory drive belt. The pump usually consists of a submerged impeller at the end of a shaft supported by bearings. The bearings can fail and become noisy or they can allow water past their seals. When this happens coolant can usually be seen coming out of the “weep hole”, purposely intended to alert the owner that a problem occurs and needs to be looked at.

When you need car cooling system repair in Las Vegas NV, give us a call here at Red Rock Repair or stop by our shop today! 

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