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Car Air Conditioning & Heating Systems Service and Repair in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas with car air conditioning and heating repair. 

A/C and Heating Repair in Las Vegas

Nothing makes your car more uncomfortable to drive than a poorly working HVAC system. Whether it's blowing hot in the summer months or cold during the winter you want it repaired as soon as possible. There is a lot more to a vehicle's HVAC system than meets the eye, and problems can arise from either electrical or mechanical components. Keeping your vehicle comfortable year round requires that everything is in top condition. Here at Red Rock Repair, we are the trusted choice for car air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, NV. 

Our extremely hot summer months are no time for an A/C system to be blowing warm or hot air. Most of the time the problem can be discovered by performing a few simple tests, but sometimes it requires a more in depth diagnosis that requires testing for leaks. A proper understanding of the A/C system is required to pinpoint the problem and what components need to be addressed when a problem exists. 

Freon Recharge in Las Vegas

While “freon” has become the accepted term for vehicle refrigerant, it is actually a brand name, just like Klennex. Most people think that all their vehicle needs is a “shot of freon” when their A/C starts blowing warm, but it’s usually more complicated than that. The A/C system is a sealed system, so unless there is a leak in a component, it usually requires more than just adding “freon”. There are also companies now selling A/C recharge products that the consumer can do themselves. This is a bad idea unless you know for certain that your system is low. Damage can occur and performance actually becomes worse by overcharging the system. It is usually best left to technicians with the correct equipment.

Compressor Repair in Las Vegas

The compressor is the heart of any A/C system. While the system is engaged it is pumping “freon” throughout the other components involved in the cycle. The compressor over time can wear out or develop a leak, and with many modern A/C systems an electrical problem can be the culprit of a failure.

Condenser Repair in Las Vegas

Located adjacent to the vehicle’s radiator is the condenser. It’s job, much like the radiator, is to remove or pull heat from the system. They can become plugged from a component failure in the system, or since they are usually in front of the radiator, can become physically damaged by road debris.

Heater Core Repair in Las Vegas

The heater core is usually located inside the vehicle tucked up underneath the dash. It uses the heat stored in the coolant that is produced by the engine. A leaky heater core is a problem most people dread. Since it is tucked under the dash it requires removing a lot of trim and dashboard pieces to gain access. Signs of a leak in the heater core can be a sweet smell inside the cabin combined with a humid interior. Heater core leaks need to be addressed immediately to prevent damage to both the inside of the vehicle as well as the engine from a lack of coolant.

Controls and Actuators Repair in Las Vegas 

This is the part of the system most customers have a daily interaction with. The operator inputs the desired function into the controls or head unit and the system performs a set of operations to achieve the desired outcome. Gone are the days of cables and mechanical doors; they have been replaced by electric head units and actuator motors performing the functions. When one of these components fail it can result in the wrong temperature or air blowing from the wrong location.

Blower/Fan Motor Repair and Cabin Filter Replacement in Las Vegas

Just like the system in your home a fan is needed to deliver the hot or cold air. Usually located under the dash is an enclosed fan capable of multiple speeds producing the needed airflow. Sometimes the motors can fail and other times can become noisy from dirt or debris. Most vehicles also now have a cabin filter that keeps the dust and pollen from being circulated through the system. The cabin filter should be changed regularly to maintain proper flow and performance of the fan system.

When you need car ac repair in Las Vegas or car heater repair in Las Vegas, drop by Red Rock Repair or give us a call today!

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