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(4WD) 4 Wheel Drive and (AWD) All Wheel Drive Service and Repair in Las Vegas

We proudly serve Summerlin, Queensridge, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Blue Diamond, and surrounding areas with professional Offroad repair and 4x4 repair. 

(4wd) 4 Wheel Drive and (Awd) All Wheel Drive Service in Las Vegas

Routine maintenance is vital to keeping your car on the road, both during and beyond the warranty period. The way to ensure your vehicle’s longevity, is at a minimum, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. You may not be able to control if your car breaks down, but proper maintenance is the best deterrent to unwanted trouble. At Red Rock Repair, we are your source for all of your 4 wheel drive Las Vegas repair and service needs. 

Transfer Case Repair in Las Vegas

The transfer case is usually mounted to the transmission. It splits the power that makes it possible to transmit power to both the front and rear axles. Manufacturers specify at what mileage and the type of fluid needed for a service. The fluid is drained out and fresh fluid is installed, which keeps your transfer case operating properly.

Differential Service in Las Vegas

The front and/or rear differential transmit the power from the driveshaft and directs it to each wheel of that particular axle. Much like the transfer case the manufacturer will specify what mileage and fluid is needed to perform the service. In some cases it requires conventional type fluid, or sometimes they require a synthetic fluid or additives necessary for proper gear life and performance. Most services consist of draining and filling the fluid with the specified fluid.

Wheel Hubs and CV Axle Repair in Las Vegas

All wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles can exert a lot of stress on wheel hubs and bearings. This combined with the fact that these vehicles usually see harsh conditions such as snow and mud can shorten the life of these components. This holds true for CV axles found on the front end of a AWD/4WD vehicle. Failure in these components can affect your traction control systems as well as ABS. Inspections and routine testing of the AWD/4WD ensure your vehicle will perform when you need it to.

Offroad Vehicle Repair in Las Vegas

If you own an offroading truck, car, or SUV - bring your vehicle into the offroading specialists here at Red Rock Repair in Las Vegas when you need service. We can handle all of your offroading vehicle’s needs, including general maintenance, repairs, performance upgrades, part installment, and so much more. 

When you need offroad repair in Las Vegas or 4x4 wheel repair in Las Vegas, give us a call here at Red Rock Repair or make an appointment online for your next visit! 

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