How Often Should I Change My Brake Fluid?

With the various maintenance items our vehicles require consistently, it’s easy for some to go neglected. One of the most important yet often ignored services for your vehicle is brake fluid maintenance.

Brake systems use hydraulic brake fluid to create the necessary pressure to stop your vehicle. Like how power steering fluid makes turning the wheel easier, brake fluid amplifies the pressure from the brake pedal and translates it to the pads pressing on the rotors. 

Brake fluid resevoir

Symptoms of Old/Contaminated Brake Fluid

Brake fluid that is worn out or contaminated with debris can lead to symptoms including:

Spongy Brake Pedal

When contaminants or air pockets get into the brake lines over time, it can cause the brake pedal to have a soft and spongy feel as the hydraulic pressure is not consistent. You also may experience the pedal sinking to the floor of the vehicle in more severe cases. 

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Illuminated ABS or Brake Warning Light

Some vehicles will warn you of problems with your brake fluid using the ABS or Brake light on the dashboard. While this doesn’t always mean your fluid needs replacement, you should always have your vehicle diagnosed after encountering a brake warning light. 

Discolored Brake Fluid

One of the largest signs that your brake fluid requires replacement is visible contamination and discoloration. A dark brown fluid indicates that the fluid is no longer as effective and will decrease the performance of your brakes.

Leaking Brake Fluid

While leaking brake fluid is a problem in itself, it’s also a symptom caused by old brake fluid. The contaminants cause it to become corrosive, which can wear through brake system components and cause leaks. 

Old brake fluid should already be taken seriously, but a brake fluid leak makes it even more urgent as losing fluid will cause your brakes to be less effective in stopping. 

How Often Should I Change My Brake Fluid?

The exact lifespan of your brake fluid depends on a host of factors, but the general rule of thumb is to have your brake fluid replaced around every 2-3 years, or about 45,000 miles at the maximum. 

The best way to ensure the health of your brake fluid and surrounding components is to have your vehicle’s brake system inspected by a trusted professional. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of old fluid or suspect it’s reaching the end of its life,  it’s important to have it dealt with or it may lead to rapid wear on brake components and problems slowing down. 

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