Your car is a tremendous investment, and it needs to be inspected and maintained by top-tier, experienced auto repair specialists. You can expect that high-quality service from our ASE-Certified mechanics at Red Rock Repair.  You may be thinking, “what does that acronym stand for” and “why does it matter”. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, […]

As vehicle owners, we need to treat our car as a prized possession (because it is). They are utility vehicles that we need to go to work, go to school, visit our loved ones, etc. We can pick our car, but we can’t always pick and choose the roads we travel on. As a result, […]

It’s best never to ignore any warning lights that your vehicle turns on. They are there for a reason. When the ABS light comes on, it is often due to an issue in the anti-lock brake system. It could mean a blown fuse, strange signals from the wheel sensors, or low brake fluid. Whatever the […]

The cooling system of your vehicle plays an important role in ensuring that vital components of your car’s engine do not overheat and the vehicle runs smoothly. It is crucial to top up the coolant to ensure adequate levels to cool the engine effectively. However, you need to flush the radiator and top it up […]

You know that your car needs to go through routine inspections and maintenance to keep it working well but how often? It would be nice and simple if you could just bring your car in once a year to get the whole thing inspected and be done with it. But some parts need more frequent […]

Vehicles consist of a lot of parts, and they all have their specific roles. Every single piece in your car has an important job that needs to be taken seriously. The timing belt is no different; its role in helping your vehicle run correctly is essential. The timing belt is there to help the camshaft […]

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas in the summer, you know that temperatures soar well above 100 degrees fahrenheit every day! The extreme dry heat can do some severe damage to your car if you do not keep an eye out for your vehicle. According to the American Automobile Association, they receive over 78,000+ […]

As new vehicle models evolve, they’re generally becoming more reliable. However, no matter how advanced cars become, no number of upgrades can prevent accidents or break downs from occurring. Accidents, mechanical issues, and flat tires happen when you least expect it. This is one reason why keeping an emergency kit in your trunk is a […]

Extending the life of your car doesn’t have to be difficult when you practice regular vehicle maintenance. Cars are expensive, but if they are well taken care of are well worth the financial investment. A little car care also saves you money by limiting the number of unnecessary repairs due to time and neglect. October […]

The cabin filter is a cotton material that is attached to the air-conditioning system. It collects contaminants and prevents them from entering inside the cabin. It ensures you don’t end up breathing in any harmful pollutants. A clogged cabin filter won’t just impact the air conditioning system; it can also affect the engine performance. To […]

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