When it comes to vehicle maintenance, motor oil is the most important item of all. Engine oil is necessary for the engine to run smoothly as it provides proper lubrication for parts and keeps the engine temperatures at bay. More importantly, there are way too many misconceptions that have invaded public knowledge regarding this vital […]

The shock absorber is an essential suspension component that supports the bounce of the vehicle’s wheels. Their primary role is to dampen the vehicle’s motion whenever it goes over bumps in the road. In other words, it prevents your car from bouncing uncontrollably.  How Do They Work? Each shock absorber has hydraulic fluid that makes […]

For vehicle owners, the term “30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance,” or “factory scheduled maintenance” refers to the maintenance schedule referred by the car’s manufacturer to ensure you keep it running optimally. As the name suggests, the general maintenance required is for around every 30,000 miles, which is to be followed so that you can best avoid any […]

Repetitive motion from a moving vehicle can bring on motion sickness for some people. The good news is that symptoms of motion sickness can disappear when the vehicle stops moving. But some people will still suffer signs, even a few days after the trip. Most people who have had motion sickness will ask their doctor […]

If you’ve ever owned an automobile, you’ve probably been able to differentiate the various pumps at the gas station. Every car has a specific requirement for the type of gas and fuel grade. However, you’d be astonished to know that some people have no clue the actual difference between regular and premium gas. Some people […]

Brake rotors are a vital piece of your braking system because they play the role of stopping your wheels from spinning when the brake pads press on them. Brake rotors are intended to resist high temperatures during the process of braking. However, the rotors need to diffuse the heat quickly so that you can press […]

Your car is a tremendous investment, and it needs to be inspected and maintained by top-tier, experienced auto repair specialists. You can expect that high-quality service from our ASE-Certified mechanics at Red Rock Repair.  You may be thinking, “what does that acronym stand for” and “why does it matter”. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, […]

As vehicle owners, we need to treat our car as a prized possession (because it is). They are utility vehicles that we need to go to work, go to school, visit our loved ones, etc. We can pick our car, but we can’t always pick and choose the roads we travel on. As a result, […]

It’s best never to ignore any warning lights that your vehicle turns on. They are there for a reason. When the ABS light comes on, it is often due to an issue in the anti-lock brake system. It could mean a blown fuse, strange signals from the wheel sensors, or low brake fluid. Whatever the […]

The cooling system of your vehicle plays an important role in ensuring that vital components of your car’s engine do not overheat and the vehicle runs smoothly. It is crucial to top up the coolant to ensure adequate levels to cool the engine effectively. However, you need to flush the radiator and top it up […]

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