Living in an area that sees extreme temperatures gives you a true appreciation for the A/C system in your vehicle. In Las Vegas, it becomes more of a necessity than a nice-to-have in the middle of the summer.  So when you turn your A/C dial to ramp up the cold air, it’s a worrying feeling when […]

Like the filters that protect us from contaminants and debris in our household HVAC systems, automotive climate systems have similar filters to ensure the air being introduced to the cabin is clean and odor-free.  If you’ve ever been riding in an older vehicle with a lingering musty/moldy odor, there’s a good chance that’s the result […]

Realizing it’s time to take your vehicle in for service is almost never fun. Despite the hassle and upfront cost, staying on top of your preventative maintenance is the best way to protect your vehicle and your wallet in the future.  Modern cars consist of various systems all working in unison to provide you with […]

Your engine produces a large amount of heat through constant combustion and friction, and this heat needs to be drawn away from the sensitive components. In modern vehicles, this is accomplished through the use of coolant (AKA antifreeze), a fluid that runs through the engine past various components and conducts the heat away from them.  […]

If you’ve owned a car for an extended period of time, it will reach a point where components that you normally don’t think about need to be replaced. The majority of the components in your car are not considered “maintenance items” (maintenance items are things like spark plugs, brakes, fluids, and filters). Wear items (think […]

Cars are complicated, which means taking care of a car can be complicated too. With the countless parts and systems in your vehicle, it’s difficult to keep up with what needs to be done when, how, and why. Answers on the “proper way” to care for your vehicle aren’t hard to come by, but sometimes […]

Without question, the Check Engine Light (also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, MIL, Service Engine Light, or CEL), is the most common warning light drivers see when something is wrong with their car. Unfortunately, when the CEL comes on, it’s often accompanied by anxiety and stress. It’s easy to assume the worst when that […]

With the various maintenance items our vehicles require consistently, it’s easy for some to go neglected. One of the most important yet often ignored services for your vehicle is brake fluid maintenance. Brake systems use hydraulic brake fluid to create the necessary pressure to stop your vehicle. Like how power steering fluid makes turning the […]

We’ve all experienced it before, an unexpected noise coming from your vehicle as you’re driving. Whether that’s squeaking, grinding, rattling, or anything else, there’s nothing quite as worrying as an unidentifiable noise coming from your car.  One of the most common noises to hear in your vehicle is some sort of rattle. Our cars consist […]

Shocks and struts are some of those components you really only notice when they’re not doing their job properly. They keep your vehicle riding smoothly over various bumps and dips along the road, so when they’re in need of replacement, you’ll notice a decrease in ride quality. But how long do you have until yours […]

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